About Curriculum

At BDGS, we believe that every child is born intelligent and possesses unique abilities. We as facilitators make an effort to nurture that uniqueness – through a stimulating environment. We encourage curiosity, provide ample freedom and encouragement to pursue passion and a plethora of opportunities leads to acquisition of skills and capacities to fulfill that dream and also to flourish in this constantly emerging interconnected world.

The child is at the centre of all that we do and we keep revisiting the needs of this child in tune with what is demanded from him/her. We aim at the attributes that this child should possess, and the practices and pedagogical tools provide us with the behaviours, actions, measures and structures that is a translation of intentions.

Curriculum Foundations:

 The Curriculum aims at actualisation the potential of each Individual.

  • Makes life joyful and worth living
  • Enables us to become good human beings
  • Guides us to live in coherence with nature
  • Equips us with the ability to take high quality decisions

Features of the Curriculum

  • It is dynamic
  • It evolves continuously
    • Curriculum is not a syllabus
    • It is the process of being in the learning mode
    • Teachers, students and school leaders are closely involved in the creation and implementation of the curriculum

    Curriculum Priorities

    Development of good human beings

    • Value inculcation
    • Outreach to the community
    • Sensitivity to the environment, to others
    • Developing a positive attitude

    Joyful and enriching learning environment

    • A rich, aesthetic and vibrant environment powered by the children
    • Close integration of visual arts, performing arts and physical education

    Enabling the students for Real life competences

    • Life and work skills
    • Dealing with success, challenges and failure
    • Compassionate communication
    • New media skills
    • Problem solving and critical thinking

    Above all, Academic Excellence

  • We aim at Scholastic rigour
  • Integrated & multi-disciplinary learning
  • Leading edge learning technologies


Workshops and professional development are a regular affair in areas such as integration of IT, accommodating counselling and special needs and in the experiential learning model itself. Teachers are also no longer the ‘sage’ but equal participants on stage alongside the students.

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